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after find how do I land on a record without being active

Question asked by mcarey on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by DavidJondreau

I have a find script that is used when a user types something in a global field and tabs out of it. When they find one record only they are brought to a detail layout screen that has not Tab order for its fields. The last script step is to clear the global find field they typed into with a set field script step of "".  I then have a go to field script step without selecting a field hoping I can have the curser NOT be left inside a field and thus have the record locked. After the script is completed the curser though still sits in the global field thus locking the record. How do I end up with them landing on the found record but not have the curser inside a field if they had clicked outside a field..and therefore not having the record be active or locked?