Using Data Modeling to identify Entities and Attributes in my application

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Hi all, in the application I'm building to keep track of Maintenance Repairs (Work Orders) I’m not sure if I should keep just one table to control the Work Orders.  I want to generate two types of Work Orders, one will be generated for the Tenants and the other will be generated for Contractors (Vendors), PM’s or Inspections.  Obviously in the Tenant's Work Orders the information of the unit (Unit #) and the Name of the Tenant needs to be input (will be pulled from TENANT Table)  but in the second Work Order, the one generated for Contractors, PM’s or Inspections the information about Contractor name (Company Name) and maybe a Company ID must be captured.  All other information is about the same.



WO_TYPE                                                           TEXT, GENERAL OR CONTRACTOR

WO_NO                                                               NUMBER, INDEXED, AUTO-ENTER SERIAL

WO_DATE                                                           DATE, DATE REQUESTED

WO_TIME                                                            TIME, TIME REQUESTED

UNIT_NO                                                             TEXT, UNIT NUMBER WHERE TENANT RESIDES

COMPANY_NAME                                               TEXT, CONTRACTOR NAME

STATUS                                                              TEXT, OPEN, ON-HOLD, OUTSIDE CONTRACTOR Or CLOSED

WO_CATEGORY                                                 TEXT, VALUE LIST OF DIFFERENT CATEGORIES

WO_ISSUE                                                          TEXT, VALUE LIST OF DIFFERENT ISSUES

ASSIGNED_TO                                                    TEXT, VALUE LIST OF THE EMPLOYEE ASSIGNED

DATE_ASSIGNED                                                DATE, DATE ASSIGNED

TIME_ASSIGNED                                                 TIME, TIME ASSIGNED

DATE_COMPLETED                                             DATE, DATE COMPLETED

TIME_IN                                                               TIME, TIME THE EMPLOYEE/CONTRACTOR WENT IN

TIME_OUT                                                           TIME, TIME THE EMPLOYEE/CONTRACTOR WENT OUT

DISPOSITION                                                     TEXT, DISPOSITION TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM

NOTES                                                                 TEXT, ANY COMMENTS ABOUT THE WORK ORDER

PDFCOPY                                                             CONTAINER, WILL HOLD A PDF FILE OF ORIGINAL WORK ORDER


I recently learned a technique of hidden tab controls which I think is very COOL, using the WO_TYPE will display the “TAB” created for TENANTS if WO_TYPE=’GENERAL’ or display the “TAB” created for CONTRACTORS if WO_TYPE=’CONTRACTORS’.  I don’t think is necessary to create two WORKORDER Tables, one for TENANTS and one for CONTRACTORS.   Any comments will be appreciated.