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    Two Machine Deployment - private network.


      We would like to set up and private single cable connection between two Mac servers in a dual deployment, that clearly also need to talk to the rest-of-the-world.

      The two servers for sake of argument are DB and Web, each with two interface cards, which we'll call A & B. In each case the A card will be for rest-of-the-world, and B card for between the pair.


      DB(A) is en0, ->rest of world;

      DB(B) is en3, ->Web Server;

      Web(A) is en0, ->rest of world;

      Web(B) is en4, -> DB Server;

      We've attempted it using the standard Network Control panel setup, with manual configs for the B networks, and used the other machine's IP as the router.

      We've tried doing it using `route` commands, something along the lines of:

      // on DB server

      // en0 card IP address

      // en3 card IP address

      sudo route -n add -interface en3

      // on Web server

      // en0 card IP address

      // en4 card IP address

      sudo route -n add -interface en4

      No joy.


      So several questions...

      Has anyone actually done this?

      Can this be done with a simple cable/cross-over cable without using up ports on the local ethernet switch?

      Can we use a local network range for the B network: e.g. The A subnet is 192.168.1.x and The B subnet is 10.0.0.x?

      What are the commands on MacOS X Mavericks to ensure that traffic is routed correctly, and that the routes are remembered between restarts? Will we need a script for this to run at restart?

      Are we even on the right track?

      All help gratefully received!