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Two Machine Deployment - private network.

Question asked by dickiedyce on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2015 by mtwalker

We would like to set up and private single cable connection between two Mac servers in a dual deployment, that clearly also need to talk to the rest-of-the-world.

The two servers for sake of argument are DB and Web, each with two interface cards, which we'll call A & B. In each case the A card will be for rest-of-the-world, and B card for between the pair.


DB(A) is en0, ->rest of world;

DB(B) is en3, ->Web Server;

Web(A) is en0, ->rest of world;

Web(B) is en4, -> DB Server;

We've attempted it using the standard Network Control panel setup, with manual configs for the B networks, and used the other machine's IP as the router.

We've tried doing it using `route` commands, something along the lines of:

// on DB server

// en0 card IP address

// en3 card IP address

sudo route -n add -interface en3

// on Web server

// en0 card IP address

// en4 card IP address

sudo route -n add -interface en4

No joy.


So several questions...

Has anyone actually done this?

Can this be done with a simple cable/cross-over cable without using up ports on the local ethernet switch?

Can we use a local network range for the B network: e.g. The A subnet is 192.168.1.x and The B subnet is 10.0.0.x?

What are the commands on MacOS X Mavericks to ensure that traffic is routed correctly, and that the routes are remembered between restarts? Will we need a script for this to run at restart?

Are we even on the right track?

All help gratefully received!