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    FM Locking up


      A strange one - I have a group of FM12 clients working off a FMS12, all Mac.


      When the users leave FM to work in other apps, upon their return to FM it is locked up. ie: nothing clicks, no menus pop down. The only fix I can find is to once again leave FM for another app and on the second return FM works again.


      Any thoughts on why this is happening?

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          The first thing that pops to mind is insufficient memory; the computers are paging to disk and are freezing up waiting for that to happen. If you move back to FileMaker the first time, does it eventually come around, or does it never wake up? (That would eliminate this thought.)


          Another possibility is a weird bug I've seen with Mavericks, where a window becomes nonresponsive the first time it gets the focus. Which version of the OS is this?

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            Thanks Mike.


            They are all brand new Mac Minis so I dont think it could be RAM. They don't free up after some time, they remain locked.


            All the clients are running 10.10.1 Yosemite so I am intrigued whether this Mavericks bug might still be lurking.

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              Don't know. Just a couple of thoughts off the top of my head. Someone smarter than I will likely need to chime in.


              Is it all the machines? Is it happening with one particular database? Does it happen when you have just FileMaker open (no databases)? Does it happen with just a local database (like maybe a starter solution)?


              Might want to do some experimenting and see if it's situational or if it just always happens.

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                Good questions Mike.


                All the clients who are using brand-new Mac Minis are experiencing it - the others are not. They dont use any local DBs.  All clients are using an array of FMS12 hosted DBs and all of those hosted DBs are exhibiting this 'freeze'.


                I tried moving one client forward to FM13 to see if that eliminated the problem - it didnt.

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                  I forgot to add - sometimes I struggle to replicate the problem myself using the 'troublesome' client machines. I sit and click and replicate normal usage and I cant provoke it. Only very rarely do I see it for myself. So I give up and then I get a barrage of complaints from the users about it.

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                    Yeah, that's normal. Take the car to the mechanic and it won't make that funny noise for him.  


                    Of course, that begs the question: What are the users doing different from what you're doing? I know we've had issues with systems when users were trying to, for example, stream video and they'd get kicked off because they were timing out on their network connection. Not necessarily the same thing, but are they perhaps doing something that's consuming too much of the machine's resources?


                    I'd suggest when a user squawks, check the Activity Monitor for usage (RAM and CPU). What's eating up the machine's resources? Also, if you have access to the server's Admin Console, check your stats, especially Wait Time and Elapsed Time / Call. That'll tell you if the server is busy.

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                      This caught my eye...

                      Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 15.48.06.jpg

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                        No, that's well within normal. (It's measured in milliseconds.)


                        If it's working acceptably when you're there and not when you're not, I'd suggest sitting with the users and seeing what they're doing. Likely, they're running something that's sucking down resources on the client side.

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                          I have experienced this same issue once upgrading to Yosemite.  I have never had it happen once over many years.  But the day I upgraded my macbook air to Yosemite it happened a couple of times that day.  I may be moving from one window to another within filemaker or from another application back to a window in filemaker.  I try clicking the window but it never selects and becomes an active window.  If I click a button on my mouse that I have assigned to mission control to show all my open applications and click again to go back to my normal screen then I am able to click my filemaker window and have it become active and usable.

                          I also now work on a new 5k iMac i7 and the same issue occurs.  It is random.  I can go a couple of days with this not occurring at all and some days it may happen a few times throughout the day.

                          Again I have only experienced this with Yosemite and seemed to be only an activate selected window issue.

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                            Thanks Swift - your description seems to match mine. Same problem. All we need now is an answer!

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                              Are these using wireless connections? 10.9.5 and Yosemite have been rife with wireless issues. Some have also had intermittent DNS issues with Yosemite, but haven't seen that myself.


                              What happens if you ping the server during these episodes? This could help rule out some network issues.


                              Even if a new Mac Mini, a 4 GB version could easily be max'd out by a user, so still worth checking that. Activity Monitor always handy for these sort of things.


                              Have you mentioned to the client that FMP 12 is not supported on Yosemite? Any possibility of testing with 13?

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                                I have converted 3 of 25 users to Yosemite for FMP 13.0.3.  Two of the three are experiencing crashes a few time a day; these users are on 5GB RAM ethernet minis with plain vanilla mail and browser in addition to FMP.  The third Yosemite user (me) is on a new mac pro and I have no crashes.


                                I have done all the usual things to those afflicted... reinstall, permissions, volume repair, observing users and asking them to take notes. (I will now bring them up to 13.0.4).


                                All my non-Yosemite users are rock stable, so I will not upgrade OS on other machines until this goes away.


                                You are not alone.

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                                  I am wondering if it is a similar problem that users have been experiencing with Adobe Photoshop. It seems to be related to some models using Nvidia video cards and a problem with drivers and machines running Yosemite. It presents as either a black screen or as if the file is corrupted often after waking from sleep mode. Turning off "Use graphics processor" under the preferences fixes the problem.  It was reported that other applications were also experiencing similar issues so wondering if FileMaker is one of them.

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                                    I have the same - all my Mac Mini clients have this problem but my own Powerbook does not. This seems to be pointing very strongly at the Mac Mini

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