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How to select a field from a table based on input in another table

Question asked by jms1882 on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2015 by jms1882

This should be very simple, but I'm new to Filemaker....  I've gone thru the basics and advanced training books but can't find a description of how to do it.


I have a relationship between two tables, based on a unique part number - the same part number appears In both tables. 


In a layout the user selects the part number and colour of the part through two drop down lists.


I then want to pull onto the layout a single price for the part - from a price table.

The price table has the part number, and three fields - a different price for each of the three colours.


I think I could write a script with If then else to select the right price... but there must be a way of just selecting the right price without scripting.

Any pointers - to manuals, refining the search or examples much appreciated!!


thanks John.