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FM GO connect with internal IP

Question asked by marcs on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by marcs

I got FM GO connected to my hosted database and it works perfectly fine, but it turns out one person needs to be able to connect to it while inside the building.


He doesn't have access where he is to have a direct line and was wondering if it is possible to use up one of our FM GO licenses, While we have an extra license lying around we though sure this would be fine.


The problem is my FM GO setup seems to work perfectly fine when I am pulling an IP address from a place that doesn't host the files.  But when I am inside my work and pull an IP address from my work FM GO doesn't work anymore. (I can rectify this by turning off wifi on my I-phone and using FM GO with 3G, and that would work but where the guy is that needs it, he also can't get a cell signal). 


Is it possible to use FM GO work with the same IP address so he can connect? Or is it something that can't be done, and I need to start drilling holes and get him directly connected to a switch?