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    EMV technology and Filemaker integration


      Well, well. We're so proud of ourselves for having developed a lovely piece of integration  for integrating Credit Card transactions into our POS...then the game changes entirely.


      With EMV technology being adopted by all issuers in 2015 (and having very little knowledge in how these new "chip" cards actually work), the question is:


      Anyone around here looking into the possibility of integrating EMV and Filemaker?


      As always, thank you for your responses.

      David Moore

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          Hi David


          It seems that you need to find a EMV reader and find out what the new parameters are. I'm not familiar with CC processing but found a link that may be useful.


          EMV Transaction Flow Chart


          Hope it helps.



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            Thank you Ibrahim. Interesting piece.

            Doing this with "swiped" magnetic strip cards is a (relative) piece of cake if you have access to the processor's API (and the processor  approve the use, of course) - essentially an SSL connection through a "web viewer" (or at least, that's my understanding).

            But these cards are starting to disappear in the U.S. (certainly about time), and we may wind up just having to go back to unconnected terminals that don't play with Filemaker. Figuring this out is currently my #2 priority (#1 is getting our new web site in order:)

            Thank you again. I'll leave this hanging to see who else may have ideas.

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              We are working on a solution that will provide EMV support via our Plastic plug-in. Please contact me if you would like to know more.




              Sterling Rouse



              sterling at 360works.com


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                Hello Sterling. Sorry I'm late getting back to you. Can you fill me in on what you're working on?

                We're looking at a number of options - including "bagging" FileMaker completely (which wouldn't necessarily break my heart).


                We have an e-commerce solution built in Python with a PostGres backend who now has all of our data. Currently we're using ChasePaymenTech APIs for processing everything, whether online, or through FileMaker in our stores. But these APIs aren't going to work with EMV.


                Abandoning FileMaker looks (so far) like the best, however, the most expensive solution (particularly given the time frame with which we're working). Continuing with FileMaker, assuming there IS a solution which would allow direct integration with EMV, would be a lot less disruptive. I've only, just now, received the rough outline of what would be entailed in abandoning FileMaker.


                I'd love to hear about the FileMaker options before making any "spectacular" decisions.


                Thank you for responding. I may be reached through email (best, as I'm not on this site often):