WebDirect - Unable to connect to separate database

Discussion created by maddie on Jan 14, 2015
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I am currently working on a project where a user can log in to WebDirect using the guest account and the read only privilege set and for the file that is available. Once they are on the home screen, they can either put in their email or cell phone number and click search.


The webbase, as I like to call the database, then looks at the deskiOS, or a database that is for desktop and iOS users only that is on a different server than the webbase, performs a find for their email or cell phone in three tables. Once a single match is found they are taken to the contact detail where they can view and edit their current record. Clicking save effectively commits the record and captures the values in variables and updates the record in the deskiOS before returning to the main menu. If on the other hand if all three tables turn up zero matches, the web base reports that no match was found, and that the user can either retry their search, which just ports them back to the main menu, or they can create a new record. If they select new record they have to select if they are male, female, or staff, and their selection sets a global tbl variable that will send the information to the right table in the deskiOS. Record creation occurs as normal, and the save is similar to that updating an already existing record.


The deskiOS has the three tables that I need in the manage database with no relationship, as I'm only looking at the tables to perform a search and look for a match and updating the record for the deskiOS users.


The current problem I'm trying to figure out is whenever I perform a search on the desktop for an already existing record, the webbase goes through the tables and finds a single match and brings me to the correct record on the contact detail layout. However, on WebDirect, whenever I perform the search for an existing record the search comes up empty and I get the dialogue that there was no match found, where there should be one. Just out of curiosity, I moved the search layouts from their place holders, which is just a layout with the word "Searching...", to the actual tables, and after performing the find the fields on the layout said File Missing.


Could it be that WebDirect cannot connect to a separate database on a different server? I ask this as the open file script step is disabled for web use. My logic here is if I cannot open a file on WebDirect, I cannot look at a separate database for a find.