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    iPad Air 2 email issues


      I am having issues on all our new  iPads (Air 2) running  iOS 8.1.2 with sending emails + pdf. attachment from FileMaker Go 13. The issue is identical on all iPads when sending email from the browser or sending it with a script. The email message will display but it will freeze on the screen. Closing the app will not resolve the problem. The only resolution is to hard restart the iPad. Please help!

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          What do you mean by "sending email from the browser"?


          Have you confirmed that all of the script steps are FMGo compatible?


          Where are you saving the PDF before you attach it?


          Are you able to successful create and view the PDF without trying to email it?

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            Hello, Todd


            What I mean by sending it from browser is sending the PDFs from FileMaker Go Device tab.


            The script runs, creates the file, pulls the email window up and freezes.  When I close and reopen FileMaker Go the PDF file is created under the device tab.  It can be opened but when I try to send it via email it pulls up the email window and freezes just like the script. Hard restart will fix this. In the mean time I deleted the script and re-wrote it. So far so good. I am just puzzled why is it only dowing on the iPad Air 2.