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Assign script triggers to text

Question asked by MMD on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by mtwalker

I'm poling FileMaker developers who have missed the ability to assign a script trigger to plain text (text script triggers). This feature was last available in FMP 11 and was removed in version 12. While I realize you can create a button, add text, and then assign a script trigger; however, you have to jump through numerous hoops to create a transparent button just to be able to assign a script trigger to text with this method. I reported this missing capability to FileMaker on 7/15/14 and it admitted it was an oversight. However, as of the writing of this discussion note, it has yet to be addressed. One of the best examples for the use of a text script trigger is for creating interactive column headings (column headings that can change which column is sorted/filtered when clicked). I have many text script triggers in a therapy information management and billing system I wrote for my wife's speech therapy company that continue to execute, but beyond FMP 11, you cannot edit these script triggers (the Set Script Triggers... option is not visible in the contextual menu and the Format menu). I was very surprised to learn that I was the only one to call this oversight to FileMaker's attention--there has to be many FMP developers out there that is missing this functionality. So, as I mentioned at the beginning of this discussion note, I'm trying to get a show of hands of other FMP developers missing the ability to create text script triggers. My goal is to provide some analytics to FileMaker to get them to get off their butt and address this oversight. It's extremely frustrating to pay annual fees (FMP Advanced, FMP's, and FMP Server seats), but glaring issues such as the inadvertent removal of a horizontal capability such as plain text script triggers aren't being fixed.