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    FMGo-saving a password?


      When an iPad FMGo user opens a database from the Filemaker Server, they have to enter their userid and password every time.  Is there a way of negating the need for that?


      I know the Extended Privilege set allows for the user to not have to RE-login, but that's after they've already logged in once... yes?


      I thought about making a locally stored file on the iPad and giving it a script or buttons to open the file that's served... using the 'relogin' script step to get into the file with no fuss at all.


      If we assume that physical access to the iPad is restricted and a passcode is required to access the iPad and it's programs... is the only way to do what I'm thinking?


      ok... or a webpage with a URL that would get you into the file.... but I'm not going to publish credentials in a webpage, obviously.


      Much thanks and points to the person with the best answer.



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          I modified the Filemaker App Maker Data that makes webclips for the iPhone and iPad using some calculations I got from this community.   It will let you create a webclip - icon that will automatically login to your hosted database.  Here is a link to my modified App Maker Database Dropbox - App Maker.fmp12 

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            I'm really hoping FileMaker Go 14 lets me authenticate via the thumb print verification.  Oh wouldn't that be cool!

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              when I create a profile and install it, I get something that will open FM Go and prompt for a userid and password.  Is it supposed to login automatically? I assume it would since the form asks for all that.


              my use of the App Maker in this case would be to use it to make a button for the iOS homepage that would open a database that is stored locally and has no password.


              that filemaker database 'launcher' would then open one or more databases without needing any user intervention.


              (this is where some very smart and paranoid people tell me why that's a bad idea - i welcome that if it's true)

              I'm here to learn


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                I left the old calculation if you select ios other than 8, only if you select ios8 will it automatically log in.    It may work with earlier verison of ios but I only had devices with ios8 to test, so I only modified the calculation for ios8.

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                  You may have to modify the database.  If you select ios8 I have it to select the option to run in full screen, which if my memory serve me correctly you should select 'not to run in full screen' at in ios7.  You will have to test.  If you get a black screen then it because it is running in full screen mode. ios7 opens one screen.   ios8 opens two screen, if you don't run full screen then you get a message on the second screen, full screen you get  black second screen with no message.  I don't remember on prior versions ios6 and before.

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                    Thanks for the App Maker... that's pretty cool and I'll tear it up a little to see if I can get what I need from it.

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                      * iOS 8 was selected in the App Maker.

                      * iPad is running iOS 8.1.2

                      * iPad is running FM Go 13.0.7

                      * Server is FM 13

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                        I will have to check it out, limited on time right now, but I'll try and let you know something soon.

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                          Sorry. I had a bug in the App Maker Db.  here is the link again Dropbox - App Maker.fmp12

                          In the calculation where it checks the version, it was checking the wrong field setup::version instead of setup::ios_version.



                          I had tested with just the new calculation, then I decided to go back and make it neater and keep the old calculation for prior devices, and missed that bug in my new modified version.

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                            and that works beautifully.


                            I'd love to get a better understanding of what's going on there... that will take a little time.

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                              If the user is only going to be accessing the file from a single iOS device you could use Get ( PersistentID ) to get the unique id of the iPad.


                              A user table could store the user name and the id of the device.


                              Set the file to automatically login into a read only account and then use a re-login script to log in to correct account based the id of the device. The password could be also based on the device such as Left ( Get ( PersistentID ) ; 10 ).


                              If you used some conditional statements in the re-login process you could make it so the automatic login would only work when accessing the file via FMGo.


                              Granted this isn't super secure and requires you to enter their iPad id when you create the account. You could however do that via a script that you run while logged into an admin account on their iPad. And there would be a better chance of someone guessing a 4 digit numeric code to access the iPad than a 10 character alphanumeric one to access the file.