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    Two Different Drop Down list


      Hi All,


      How to show two different drop down for same field in portal based on value selected in another field in filemaker 12?



      Thanks in advance

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          Make a relationship based on the "other field"  Then in the table you want your list to be from have a key and item you want.  Then base the valueList on it with relationship


          here is a quick example

          Dropbox - vListExample.fmp12

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            What Jared says will help you out for a simple FileMaker solution. 


            If you ever want to get fancier say with drill down menu's, etc., there is a plugin from CNS called "CNS Menus" that is pretty nifty.


            Or I have seen other people do such things in a web portal using Javascript. 

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              Jared's solution works well if you want values from another table in the dropdown list.


              If you want other values, e.g. for actions like "delete", "edit", "go to previous record", etc,

              you might consider a formula-field that calculates the desired values of the list

              based on the values of these other fields.


              You can then define the value-list based on a relationship to itself

              over the record's id to that formula-field (just as Jared said),

              to get the value-list to display the values defined by the formula.

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                I've done something like this where I create both value list and then conditionally hide one or the other based on the value selected in that "other field".  You could have neither of them be visible at all until something is selected in that other field and the behavior would resemble javascript in a browser.