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    Jive and FileMaker CWP


      Anybody else besides FileMaker Inc using Jive software?  We want to update our website which runs FileMaker on the backend with CWP.


      Went to the Jive’s website and no pricing information listed and it seems like the learning curve is going to be dreadful.  Is Jive strictly enterprise?  Which means it will not be the best option for a small operation.  Also do you think Jive is able to communicate with FileMaker?

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          Hola Alejandro


          I asked a couple weeks ago and the starting price for a small company is around $25K a year!

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            WOW....that is crazy.  Going to look into: Enterprise Social Networking & Social Collaboration | Socialcast

            what you think ?


            Thank you for the reply.

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              Yeah, Jive is not cheap, but at least you can talk to a real live person in support (unlike, say wordpress).


              That said, a number of people in the community have written ways to connect filemaker to CMS systems on the web. Wordpress, Joomla, even ecommerce stuff like Magento. FileMaker's native capability to support MySQL via ESS opens up a plethora of opportunities.


              What kind of data are you looking to keep up on the web?

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                mikebeargie, do you know what kinds of uses people are using FileMaker to feed and/or receive data from WordPress for?


                I have been looking for a way to populate and collect data for a non-profit condominium association with no budget for FileMaker Server and WebDirect.

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                  Hey stevestearns


                  A lot of people use ESS via MySQL ODBC to directly collect form data submitted to wordpress sites. It's fairly easy to do and filemaker makes a great backend for doing organization, assembly and reporting on that raw data.


                  I've had some advanced ideas, such as setting up SOAP or REST functions with wordpress tied to Insert From URL in filemaker to allow for the pulling of data into wordpress, but nothing that's been integrated to a project yet.


                  I'd imagine for your use case, you wouldn't be feeding content up to wordpress from filemaker, but rather pulling down data like maintenance requests, feedback forms, applications, etc.. Really any wordpress forms plugins that stores results in the wordpress database would suit your needs. I suggest NinjaForms, which is a favorite of mine. Usually the hardest part of any setup is getting the ODBC system DSN configured. If you're on a mac, you'll need this, but on windows you can get the regular MySQL drivers (I think 5.2(w) is the latest compatible one).


                  Good luck!

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                    Thanks for this useful information. I will check into ESS and NinjaForms.


                    My thoughts were to pre-populate a form with FileMaker data, allow the user to update and add additional unknown information, and then download the collected data back to WordPress. Such things as vehicles, occupants, etc. related to a condominium unit.


                    Thanks again,



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                      To do that you’d need to use CWP to pull data from a filemaker hosted file, or you would need to run a scheduled export to drop a data file in an expected location for wordpress to use. Either way you’ll probably be writing some PHP to do the work of filling the data, which will seem daunting if you don’t have experience with that. At that stage you might also need to unravel the form plugin in wordpress to change how it loads default values, which might be even more complex.


                      What I’d recommend is having a static required dropdown to select some sort of key that will match later to filemaker, but NOT load the data from filemaker directly, only pull from the web to filemaker. This key should be easy, like condo unit number or address in your case, which is a constant and will not change. Then when you pull the data into filemaker, you can match on this key to the related form data. This also lends well to displaying form submissions in a child table of your condo units, that way your admins can view all forms requested historically from a unit.