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Transparent Web Viewer?

Question asked by Extensitech on Jan 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2015 by steve_ssh

I found an old discussion from 2009 with this same topic, so I'm not optimistic, but I wanted to check whether anything's changed in the past five years in this regard, that perhaps I've just missed....


I can make a web viewer object transparent, but when the html renders it always has a background (defaulting to white).


Does anyone know of a way to make the background of the web page itself transparent, so that when images or other things are displayed in the web page, the user can see through the background around them to the layout behind the web viewer?


Part of the 2009 discussion was at least one developer chiming in that there would be a lot of possibilities if this were possible, and being down the path I'm on, I have to agree. I'm currently imagining what that would mean combined with the popover dialog example shown here: NightWing Enterprises - Screen Popovers Demo for FileMaker Pro 13 (thanks again, Ray!).


Anyone have any ideas, or are we still out of luck on this one?


Chris Cain