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    Send Mail via SMTP problems


      I have a client using FileMaker 11.


      We have an IWP system that sends out an email via SMTP server. Lately, we're getting a 1502 error - connection refused. Nothing has changed in the configuration. Hoping somebody might be able to help. It used to work fine.


      The mail server is internal to the network. I can configure the account in an email client and send & receive with no issues. I am outside of the network.


      The SMTP setting in the script are the same as in the email client.


      If I open up the IWP database in Advanced, the email will go though. If we try it in a browser, the 1502 error gets logged. Tried multiple browsers.


      In the Admin Console I tried setting up the same email settings and testing the connection - that fails too.


      I also tried using the Savvy Data SMTP Send Mail Interrogation tool. It also reported the 1502 error.


      Any thoughts as to where to look?

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          If you send mail via SMTP using FMP, FMP on your client-computer will actually send the email. Using IWP it will be your FMS on your server and maybe that server is not allowed or able to send the email. I suppose you should check your FMS's SMTP-configuration, firewall etc. something there may have changed because of an update/upgrade of something

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            You need to run all tests from the filemaker server, not from anywhere else.


            Connection refused usually indicates that your server IP is blacklisted from your email server, a bad user/pass combo (you've already disproved this),  or the port you are using is closed between the two servers.


            The next step will be to work with IT (if applicable) to whitelist the LAN IP of the filemaker server to the email server, and also check to make sure the firewall is open to the smtp traffic on both the email and filemaker server.


            Commonly someone from IT will make updates that blocks access without considering filemaker.