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Getting value from Relationship

Question asked by MattLeach on Jan 19, 2015
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Im helping a friend out with a database and am stuck on pulling a value from a relationship.


What I am trying to accomplish is having a one to many relationship using a Join Table


Lets say I have Widgets, Join, and Categories. My relationship is setup as follows:


Widgets::_pk_ID = Join::_fk_WidgetID and Join::_fk_CatID = Categories::_pk_ID


I also have a TO called Categories_List which is a TO of Categories table. This is related to Widgets with a constant.

Widgets::zz_Constant = Categories_List::zz_Constant.


There is a value list that contains a list of all the categories


In the database on the Widgets table I have a field that utilizes the value list of categories.


The way it is setup is you click a dropdown and select the category you want and click a button to add the category to the record. This creates a record in the join table with the Widget ID and the ID of the category.


The issue I am running into is that no matter which category I select, the ID for the category is always 1 for the first record.


I have tried capturing the category id from Categories::_pk_CatID as well as Categories_List::_pk_CatID but not matter which category I select, it's always 1


Im sure I am overlooking something simple but I just cant seem to pinpoint it.


Thanks for any help you can offer