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    Header not showing in Windows FMP


      Hi all,


      Sorry if this is a completely self-evident problem.  I am a (very) amateur FMP developer using the Mac platform.  A user of one of my solutions recently bought a Windows license to access my FM server.  When I connected through his computer and navigated to the layout that he was most interested in, the header would not show in Browse mode.  It was there in Layout mode, but not in Browse.  The layout has a web viewer in the header and the body is in list view.  Being Windows, I'm sure I've missed a setting or something, so I'm hoping someone here could help me find it.


      Thanks so much,


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          Hello, Mark.


          From your description, I'm not 100% sure what your situation is. Is the entire header part missing, or are you just losing the contents of the Web Viewer? Can you post a screen shot?



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            I'm sorry Mike, but I don't have access to that computer right now.  The entire header part is missing, so only the body list is visible.  When I have others log on to the system (mac and windows, iPad too), there is no issue, only on his computer.  This makes me think it's a setting on his newly downloaded FMP 13.

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              There’s no “setting” to hide the header.


              It might be a flaw in the installation, since it’s only affecting one machine. Suggest reinstalling FileMaker and see what happens.


              Another possibility is to check the screen size. Is it possible the user has a small screen and has inadvertently scrolled down to the bottom, hence pushing the header out of view?

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                Ok- thanks Mike!  I'm not crazy then.  I scrolled and did every other conceivable thing, but the header part was not there.  I'll see if the user can re-install.

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                  When you say the header is missing, what exactly are you referring to?


                  Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 5.20.15 PM.png


                  In either case, there could be a programatic reason that the header isn’t showing. Before you go through the trouble of uninstalling and re-installing FileMaker you may want to try a couple of things:


                  Toolbar hidden


                  If it’s the the toolbar me that’s not showing, create a new script that has the step “Show/Hide Toolbars” set to “Show” and run it.


                  If the toolbar pops open then that means that there’s something in the file, likely a script, that is hiding the toolbar. You’ll want to figure out what script is firing when you open the file (either leave the script debugger open when you open the file or look in the menu “File -> File Options -> Script Triggers tab -> OnFirstWindowOpen” to see what script is firing.


                  Either way you should be able to trace the script calls and see where the tool bar is being hidden. It’s likely that for specific users or privilege sets the toolbar is being hidden. You can deal with it there.


                  Header part hidden


                  If it’s a part that’s hidden then there’s a chance that it may not be a header, but Sub-summary part. These parts only show when the records are sorted using a specific break field. You can verify by double clicking the part heading in layout mode and seeing if it shows up as “Sub-summary when sorted by:” with a field selected in the list to the right.


                  If it happens to be a sub summary part that’s not showing then you could verify it by trying to sort on that layout by whatever filed the part is using as a break field. If this is the case then you may need to look into the script that navigates the user to that particular layout to see why the sort isn’t happening.



                  I would suggest doing these two quick checks before you go to the trouble of uninstalling and installing the software again. The checks are relatively quick and less invasive. Plus if it is one of these that’s causing your issue you’ll be right back in the same boat with the newly installed software.

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                    Thanks so much for taking the time to post Chris!


                    It is the Header part (and not the Toolbar) that was the issue.  I thought about the Sub-Summary as well, and verified that it is a Header part.  The layout consists of the Header (with a web viewer in it), a Body (with a list of contacts) and a Footer (empty for now).


                    I'm going to see the user with the Window machine again soon, so I may be able to get some more info then (and potentially reinstall).  I'll probably call FM Help as well to see if they have had others with this type of behavior.


                    I'll let you know what happens!


                    Thanks again,

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                      Hi all,


                      I happened across the issue while using my friends Windows machine last weekend.  When the zoom is on 150%, the header would hide itself. I was unaware of this behavior, but now I can run a script to guard against it.


                      Thank you all for the help!