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Problem with HUGE Conditional Value Lists : Is there a more efficient way ?

Question asked by binu.alexander on Jan 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2015 by JaredHague

The fields for my Conditional  Value list are Country >  State > District > Block > Village  


There are 600,000 Villages in all so the possible combinations in the Value lists   is huge .

( Countries = 3, States 60 , Districts = 1000 , Blocks = 8000)


It is a drill down type of list where When a Country  is selected  ,  the related States appear,  and so on for Districts , Blocks and Villages


What is happening is the FM Pro 13 Advanced  ( From the  SERVER ) stops responding when I click on the drop down menus .

Web Direct also crashes when I click on these value lists.


I tried this will fewer records say 1000  and it works perfectly fine.  Other Conditional Value lists with few records work fine.


When the records to be filtered are many ,  FM starts showing the spinning beach ball and then crashes.


I built the conditional value list with   the  method described in the following link from FM Help Page


Is this the most efficient way to built conditional value lists ? 


Is that FM can't handle so many records to be filtered through value list ?


I really need to solve this as this is a major issue for a live database that I built recently.