Execute SQL - Find records where field = multiple values

Discussion created by madmike6537 on Jan 20, 2015
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Hello there,


Using SQL - I am trying to count the number of records where my field (Room_KF) equals any one of a set amount of values.


Some googling led me to the IN statement - I am not sure if Filemaker supports this, but I cant get it to work. Here is what I have:





roomIDs = "('" & ExecuteSQL("SELECT \"_Room_PK\"  FROM ROOM WHERE Customer_KF = ?"; ""; "','"; overview_CUSTOMER::_Customer_PK ) &"')";

totalMaterials = ExecuteSQL ("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM MATERIAL_READING WHERE \"_Room_KF\" IN roomIDs AND Reading_Date = ?"; ""; ""; Get(CurrentDate))









The first line roomIDs gets a list of all my room ID's that match the current customer record. It ends up looking something like this: ('123', '234')

The reason for this formatting is according to W3 that is the format SQL wants: SQL IN Operator


Then, my next statement tries to find Material Readings that are a child of ANY of those rooms.



If this isnt supported, any ideas on how I might approach this using native Filemaker functions? Hopefully I explained it well enough :X