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ExecuteSQL issue with serial numbers to create

Question asked by contactmip on Jan 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by siplus

Hi everybody,


I need to create a serial field depending on previous rows I may have created in a portal. The serial number option cannot be used in this case.


The logic wood be :






I tried by using ExecuteSQL command on a calculated value trigger of my Number field by checking how many rows already exist related to the main table (TABLE1)


ExecuteSQL( "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TABLE2 WHERE ID_TABLE2 =" & GetField (GetFieldName ( ID_TABLE1 ));"";"" ) ) + 1


It worked perfectly well BUT... only with the "Do not replace existing value of field" option deselected wich of course is not what I want as I need to keep my primary values.

All I obtain is a ? instead of the incremented number. How come???


Thanks for your help