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    my email delivery from this site stopped; here's how i fixed it


      the FileMaker Community site stopped sending me emails as of 18 Jan — both Inbox and Connections Stream should have had messages since then; Community Digest was still coming daily; this is the second time email delivery has been cut off without warning (the first was in December when Technet became "Community"); as i have for many years, i rely on the email and rarely visit the site


      i assume i'm not the only one this has happened to, so perhaps this will help someone else:


      1. i went to Preferences > Email Preferences and saw that all three Inbox plus the Connections Stream radio buttons were still marked "On"
      2. i turned off Connections Stream, clicked Save
      3. i turned Connections Stream back on, clicked Save
      4. i immediately began getting messages again


      (btw, i follow Discussions as a whole in my Connections Stream, rather than my Inbox, since filling the Inbox with every thread confuses its function as a place to track private messages and threads i've contributed to)