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Discussion created by NickLightbody on Jan 22, 2015
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I have held back from commenting on the new List/Forum/Community "powered by Jive"  because none of us like change, just like our own clients' staff, we find it is unwelcome having to learn new stuff when we have spent years getting used to a previous system.


However, after more than a month I feel able to comment with a degree of confidence.


I note that in its own words:


"Jive is the leading provider of modern communication and collaboration solutions for business."


and that


"Millions of users across the private and public sectors depend on Jive every day to keep their information safe and drive mission-critical business processes. That’s why we’ve taken a no-compromises approach to security, privacy and availability that combines best-of-breed technology, a highly trained and experienced staff, adherence to the strictest standards in the industry and the flexibility to meet diverse customer requirements."


So after due diligence I have no doubt that FMI believed they were buying into a leading product which would enable them to run their on-line community using industry standard software as opposed to clunking along reinventing the wheel. No doubt in their procurement contract FMI insisted that Jive agree to meet certain standards of performance which I would assume they are currently failing to meet?


So - I would assume that Jive are very keen indeed to get this sorted.


No doubt the new system will get better as its setup is adjusted to improve matters but the starting point is that it is undoubtedly unacceptably slow - every comment I have seen - especially folk outside North America - seems to agree on this. So as it is 2 - 5 times slower than the previous system - depending on where you are located AND the navigation / design is pretty poor - in that it is difficult to find what you want - it appears that two things now require to be done:


(1) the hosting needs sorting out so that users receive a fast as opposed to a slow service


(2) as we are now officially a "Community" this site should be used as method of consulting with the community about how the design/setup of the site can be improved to suit the members of the community better - so a special forum /discussion list - a set of discussions on the key issues commenced by Matt and a proper dialogue so that this thing can go forward with confidence that the changes that the supplier is asked to implement are the right ones. Since the membership of this community contains many folk who professionally design excellent user interfaces and navigation systems in many countries it cannot be beyond the ability of this community to put our friends at FMI back on the right track - can it?


Cheers, Nick