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    Time converted to fraction


      Hi All,


      i'm very new to FileMaker so this maybe a really basic question.


      I have a timesheet with StartingDate, TimeStarted,TimeFinished & a calculation field named ElapsedTime to calculate hours worked using
      Mod (TimeFinished- TimeStarted+ 86400; 86400)


      I then have another Field called ConvertToFraction set as a calculation
      Hour(ElapsedTime) & Minute(ElapsedTime) / 60
      this converts the time worked into a fraction so 7 hour 30 minutes will show 7.5 - so far so good


      The field is set to a number with 2 decimals.


      My problem is if a employee enters say 7:00am to 3:00pm the calculation comes out as 80 rather than 8.


      How do i fix this.


      Thanks in advanced