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Can I create a "typical" dictionary layout (top line:search field; left column:results list; right: details of selected record) with FM?

Question asked by jobemay on Jan 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2015 by jobemay

Hi to all,

a typical iPad dictionary layout is as described in my question above (see also example screenshot below).

It is easy to have one layout, showing the Search Field for the dictionary item and the details of the Found Record. This is realized via the Form View.

It is also easy to have another layout showing the Found Records as a List. This is realized via the List View.

But both in one layout?

My idea was to make use of a Portal. I have a vague notion that I have to create some kind of Relationship first, as a Portal fetches and displays Records of another Table, whereas in this case I want more Records of the same Table shown (the dictionary items). But so far I have not found out how.

Is there a way, or can this only be done with Xcode, not with FM?

Thanks for help