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Constrain found records question

Question asked by chihuas on Jan 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2015 by chihuas

Hi everybody


I have a script that has to find data based on criteria contained on several fields on a table of more than 400,000 records. I can't use a single find records request because it depends if the different fields are empty or not. What I did is to perform a find based on the first field which always has a value. For the next fields, I perform a constrain found records if the field has some values. I am having the results I need regarding the records I am looking for.

When the script runs, it first finds for saying something 10,000 records on the find record request, then when it performs each constrain found records request, the script takes the same amount of time or more to show the new set of records. I supposed that all the following constrain record requests should search from the already found set, on my example, the next constrain should search from records on the 10,000 found set of records, not on the 400,000 records again.

Can anybody explain me if my way of thinking is correct or not, or show me if there is a way to make this requests work run faster?


Thank you in advance.