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FMP-Benetton/Vienna & pic2shop iPhone application...

Question asked by preambleproject on Jan 23, 2015

How d'they do that?


Here's what the FileMaker write-up says (solutions):


Zimmel combined the free iPad app pic2shop, FileMaker Go, and the iPad’s camera to craft a simple yet elegant solution that accomplishes the needed tasks in just two steps:

    • Capture the bar code with the built-in iPad camera to call up the article. [ I had thought that the pictures of the items AND the UPCs were being gathered by iPhone. What'm I missing?
    • Capture an image of the product: The photo is automatically filed under articlenumber.jpg


A touch of the File Photos button is all it takes to store the pictures automatically in the desired resolution on in a FileMaker Pro database on the server, in the proper folder and with the right name so that the merchandise management system can also allocate these data automatically. The FileMaker specialist also integrated the individual outlets’ inventory, turnovers and order quantities into the system. Now a sales assistant can call up articles and instantly see how many items, in what sizes and in which stores, are available.

It seems to be such a kewl solution for my pal, who's a free-lance wholesale rep. on the West Coast and is running the biz out of a backpack (Mac Air and iPhone.  (And I'm a relative noob to FM--did some 4D back in 1991-92--user more than developer, but I'm being shanghaied into the "developer with pre-built fancy tools" role.)

     Any thoughts?