How to mirror values in an updating text file to a FM 12 table?

Discussion created by itiming on Jan 24, 2015
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I have an electronic machine writing timing strings to a csv file which looks like this:


TimerOutput File:














Each time an event occurs, another line of text is written to this text file.

Over a day, there will be 500 to 50,000 text strings added to this file.


To begin, I am manually importing the file with these text strings into a RawData field created in my FileMaker 12 table.


Then, after a while, when more records have been added to the TimerOutput file, I make the next import looking for only the newly created (since my prior import) records and import those.


I would like to work out an automated way to mirror the records as they are written into the text file to records in a Filemaker table.


As a first try, I imported the subsequent TimerOutput file into Filemaker using the "Create New Table" on import.

Then I have two table occurrences in Filemaker; one is the full TimerOutput file (which gets replaced with each import); the other is my working set of records that gets updated by adding new records from the full file.


The markers I can use to check for new records are the 2nd field (serial number) and the 4th field (time); which both increase through the day.


BTW, the text strings can be output via a direct socket connection if anyone could suggest a protocol/method to connect with FM 12.


Thank you for any advice on an automated approach.