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Persistent Validation Fault

Question asked by fixadmin on Jan 26, 2015
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I'm using FM13 to build a stock file which includes orders, deliveries and stock use. I've set a validation calculation on the parts used Quantity field so that no-one can book out a quantity used that's not in stock:


Validation for field "Quantity" =

Quantity   ≤   Stock Live::stock Quantity



This works when data is entered initially.


However if the Stock Live Quantity is 1, one is used  then a user then delete's the value in the parts used table, any subsequent attempt to add a quantity to that record triggers the validation warning.


New records still pass the validation test but fail to do so if their quantity is deleted and re-entered. This can be worked around by boosting the stock quantity to but that is an artificial workaround that doesn't accurately affect stock.



Has anyone had this problem with validation calculations or have I made an obvious mistake?


Cheers, Jonny.