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    Question Mark in Slide Control Field


      I have a slide control field that is set for text and when I import records from a .csv the data that is imported does not appear but a Question Mark is there in place of the data. If I copy and paste the data into the field it shows up correctly. The issue only seems to happen when I import. The field is set for conditional formatting but that is the only additional feature for this field.

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          There are several things that can result in a question mark, but most often after an import, it is because the field is a number or calculation field and it is not wide enough to display the number.  Either round the number in the Data Viewer or make the field wider.  See if that helps out.  If not, there are other reasons for question marks (e.g., bad SQL, division by 0, etc.)

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            an example would be helpful otherwise all we can do is a bit of less-than-educated guessing, which might produce some words on screen, but not anything like a solution. Sometimes the pooling of ignorance is not knowledge.

            And for me, I am going to assume that this is a field on a slide control, so that the slide control part has nothing to do with the question or answer


            can you isolate it to a one line example csv that shows the issue

            can you test you assumption in another file to see if it is the import which is actually causing this

            what have you done so far to work out which of the many variables are influencing what you are seeing

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              Re: "I have a slide control field that is set for text"


              Note that a slide control is not a field, just an object on which you can place a field or other stuff.

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                A slide control is an object like a tab control.  Within a slide panel (just like a tab panel), you can place other objects, fields or text.  Assuming you have inserted text, it is formatted based on what you assigned the field's type in the inspector.  Now if you inserted a field name that is invalid, you may get a question mark.  Or if you use an invalid calculation or the text boundary is not wide enough, then you'll get a question mark.  Start by placing the same field in there as a field object and not inserted text.  What do you get then?  Make sure it is big enough (width).  Also, tell is what the field is?  Is it a number field?  Is it a calculation field? 

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                  Problem resolved. I understand what a slide control is and the functioning of a field within the slide control; which had me at a loss to understand what was happening. Considering there were a few other quirky things happening with the database. Upon further examination it was determined that the script used to import the data had a problem. The question was raised initially because the import worked fine previously then all of a sudden it didn't. The improper utilization of the text function "Proper" was the culprit.


                  Thanks to everyone for your input much appreciated.