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Managing lists with CR and LF

Question asked by Malcolm on Jan 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2015 by Malcolm

I am wondering about ways to handle lists safely in FileMaker.


It appears as though the default list item separator is char 13, carriage return and that this is true for both Mac and Windows. However, whenever char 10, line feed, is in the text, it is also treated as a list item separator.


If we are building lists, it is possible to make a list in which items are delimited by both char 10 and char 13.


It creates a conundrum. It seems as though it's not possible to determine a single value as the list item separator.  If we have an text string that represents a single value and it contains LF, when it is enters a list the LF becomes a list separator and the value is no longer accessible as a single item.


The solution seems to be to evaluate all text being put into lists. If it contains LF, replace LF with a safe string. If it contains CR, replace CR with a safe string. At the other end, reconstruct the original values by replacing CR and LF.  If you have control of the data at all times then that will work pretty well.  However, if you are unsure about the data, as you substitute the CR/LF back into the text how can you tell whether the list should be delimited by LF or by CR.