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    New FileMaker Community?


      I received the email from FileMaker about the "New Filemaker Community" this morning and see when I go to the old FileMaker.com/technet link, it doesn't go right here, but instead gives a choice of several things like training, etc.  Also, it looks like the whole FileMaker web site changed too.  So I'm just playing around with it, but if anyone knows more about what and what new things to look for, let us know!

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          The biggest change I see is the blatant "An Apple Subsidiary" under the Filemaker name on the home page.

          It was subtle before, now it is an advertisement.

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            The "An Apple Subsidiary" seemed to be something new a lot of people pointed out at Devcon.  It is interesting that the header on this page just says "Community".  Then again, maybe they haven't gotten around to changing it. 


            I guess this opens the question of whether this means Apple is going to start getting more involved in FileMaker business development.  Maybe encouraging more Apple focused development like with Swift or better product integration with mobile devices.  Some things sound positive such as maybe giving FileMaker more info about future operating systems, then again, sometimes the parent company meddling in the subsidiaries business can mess things up too. 

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              Yep...wondering if the technet developer forums are now consolidated with the user forums? 

              --- L 

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                I'm definitely not fond of that they make user names public. Also, guests can search a name and e-mail addresses of old posts are revealed to the public. A huge break of privacy!

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                  My privacy settings are set to Everyone (so no not-logged-in Guests) for the profile images:




                  But the profile image is shown in public at several places:






                  Also the e-mail address of old posts is exposed!




                  Who is responsible for that?!

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                    matthew_odell, Michaelv, who changed this policy without informing us? Please clarify!

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                      I don't have any problem with user names being public, I usually assume they are. I don't see any evidence email addresses are visible at all. For example I can't see yours whether I'm logged in or not.

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                        Look at my screen shots.


                        They introduced a new group: Everyone (Guest).

                        Although my privacy settings are configured that this group (of which I assume that these are not-logged-in users) can't see my profile pictures, they are visible to it. And can possibly be harvested by a Web robot.


                        Also old posts exhibit my e-mail address (although not valid anymore).


                        How can this platform be trusted?

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                          Thanks John. That was helpful for me, and as I share this info with my co-worker developers, to encourage them to participate.


                          I'm already writing this as "FMC" for short. Too much typing to write "FileMaker Community" every time. Click "Like" if anyone agrees.

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                            That's what TextExpander is for. Alternately, if you're cheap, you could set up the snippet in System Preferences > Keyboard > Text (Mac).

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                              Heck, I'm a rank Noob--but I got not one but TWO invitations. And I don't find an explanation in FM's user guide, fmp13 the missing manual, or the "extensive but printed in really teeny, tiny small type so 72-year-olds can't read the type--which is colored middle grey, not black, just to add camphor to the flames.


                              Buttons and a mysterious blue line: Right now I'm perplexed by what the dickens this blue line is, a vertical, that shows up when I "draw" a new button on a layout. I get a rectangle with all the handles, in b&w, and then this bright blue (guideline blue) vertical that touches top of the box, with a square, bottom of the box, with a circle, and a connector, flexible line, inbetween.  You can't define the line and drag the whole "dumbbell" someplace else. You can only grab one end at a time, and swing it around. Release that, and grab the other end, and swing that around. And stretch to any length.  You can thus "walk" this little critter around the layout.


                              And if "show buttons" is checked, this line does NOT show up.  Was gibt?


                              But what is it for? Where is it described? What's It All About, Alfie?  Heuristic examination has thus far produced no result/conclusion, WTF  (which I'm told means Wait 'Til Friday, right?

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                                I think it'd be nice if Apple went back to Silver Surfer--or maybe Laurent's 4D--never did get my whole brain around that one. Did ACIUS retreat to Paris and just ACI/Fourth Dimension???  blast from the past.

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                                  Stephen Huston

                                  I've been a member for years, and in the last 24 hours I got 3 email invitations to join!


                                  [ Hey FMI, if you need help figuring out how to check existing member email addresses against other email lists to avoid duplication, I can show you how in FMPro.]

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