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after converting- "There are no fields that look up values..." Error 402

Question asked by jdevans on Jan 26, 2015
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"There are no fields that look up values based on the field SHELF LIFE STATUS."


I am getting this error on file open. It seems to be a glitch in a startup script. Not sure how to troubleshoot this. Source file was fp5. In FileMaker Pro 5, this error isn't there. But after converting it up to FileMaker Pro 13 (fmp12 file ext), it is happening on file-open.


The field SHELF LIFE STATUS is a calculation whose result is set to Text.

The calculation is SHELF LIFE STATUS= If(SHELF LIFE EXP = ""; ""; If(ITEM PURGED = "YES"; "PURGED"; If(SHELF LIFE EXP <  Get(CurrentDate); "EXPIRED";If((SHELF LIFE EXP - Get(CurrentDate)) <= 45; "EXPIRES IN " & (SHELF LIFE EXP - Get(CurrentDate)) & " DAYS"; "ACTIVE"))))


I'm a scripting/calculation newb. Is there anyone who can help me troubleshoot this?


When clicking OK on the error message, the file seems to work OK, but it is more of an annoyance than anything.