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Designing new Theme with styles in FileMaker

Question asked by jurijn on Jan 26, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2015 by NickLightbody

Hello to everybody!


Right now I am working on some project with FM. My task is to create a new Theme with Styles.
My base is one solution / FMdb which is already styled, but unfortunately with a lot of local formating.


What is the best way to take in that case?

I am limited with time on that project, so I have to be as productive as possible.


I developed a one solution, where I have (will have) all the diferent types of object formatted with appropriate styles (buttons, fields, text labels,...).


I am little lost by naming of styles. At the beginning I wanted to use some kind of naming conventions for styles, but now I am thinking to name them by a function they have / perform in a solution.


What are your experiences and advices in that case?