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Parsing columns out of a matrix

Question asked by MSNThomas on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2017 by Henry_2

Does anyone know of a good way to parse out columns from data formatted in the following manner?


旭市,Asahi City,ヨネゴメ

旭市,Asahi City,ロ

長生郡長南町,Chonan Town Chosei District,イカニケイサイガナイバアイ

長生郡長南町,Chonan Town Chosei District,イチノノ


This is part of a result from an ExecuteSQL call on an table of addresses. (some of it is in Japanese, so if it looks like garbly-gook that's why). I'd like to get the columns out as separate value lists, put them in some fields and then use them as actual value lists on an address entry layout.


Right now I'm using auto-complete text fields that use executeSQL to get the lists of cities, streetnames, etc., but it can be very, very slow.  I tried "old-fashoned" value lists based on fields through filtered relations, but that was also very, very slow.


My thought now is instead of calculating each list separately, I can use one ExecuteSQL to get a list like the one above (am I right that that would be a matrix?), and then just put the columns into fields.  Repeat values won't matter since when you create a value list based on a field (that must be indexed), repeat values are automatically discarded.