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    Shortcuts while using Filemaker do stop to work

      Hi there,


      I use the German version of FM 13 Pro and there is a shortcut (CMD + L) to change into the layout mode. But after some time this shortcut does not work anymore till I close Filemaker entirely and restart it. I only can use the mouse to hit the appropriate button for the layout mode. This is a bit annoying. Any hints or co-observations?



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          I have this happen to me as well in FMPA. There have been discussions about this    It should be reported as a bug.  Not sure if anyone has done this.  


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            Long discussion here:

            Keyboard Shortcuts Broken under Yosemite


            Full of comments by ordinary FileMaker Pro users, barely noticed by FileMaker Inc., and then only with a grudging acknowledgement that they're aware of the problem and why are we bothering them about it?


            It's because it screws up our work multiple times per day on a regular, recurring basis, that's why. And you could have just said so right up front instead of stonewalling on it and getting all defensive that people were justifiably irritated that such frequently used keyboard shortcuts as ⌘-L (and also ⌘-D if you haven't noticed it yet) just stop working for no apparent reason. (The not-at-all apparent reason — teased out by ordinary users with patience, never mentioned by FMI corporate — has to do with going into "Manage Database", where those shortcuts have a different meaning than they do in Browse mode, and the program not resetting them on the way back out.)

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              Yes, very frustrating. The kb article linked above does acknowledge the scenarios that it will occur (going into Manage Database and performing certain actions), and which shortcuts (any that are also used in Manage Database) will go away.

              This one is very frustrating. Doesn't seem to effect all people, and sometimes not all of the shortcuts, but enough of us that it warrants attention. Some users have also reported it happening in Mavericks. I saw one user who claimed that by using Matt Petrowsky's keyboard shortcut tool, that the problem went away, but I haven't tried it myself. You can find it here if you want to give it a try:

              Confluence Mobile - FileMaker Coding Standards


              I just hope they fix it with the next point release. Major productivity killer.


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                As productivity killers go, this one is barely a pimple on the ass of the most gargantuan productivity vampire in the FileMaker stable, namely its perverse insistence on resizing and repositioning pre-existing text objects (notably buttons) every time I tweak a font face or color or point size. Absolutely maddening, since I usually do it to a clutch of similarly styled objects at a time, and every single one of them resizes and repositions itself uniquely, depending on the length of its text, so I have to take the individual time for every single one of them to (a) change its size back to what it had already been and (b) change its position back to what it had already been. Whoever in hell's name came up with the insane idea that anybody who wants to change a completely independent characteristic of a text object also inevitably wants to change its size and location should be publicly flogged at high noon every day for a month.


                FileMaker Inc., of course, continues to pretend that nothing's wrong, that we're just being whiny, while literally hundreds of hours of potential productivity go down the drain recreating work that had already been done properly once before and should never have needed revisiting thereafter.