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How to add/remove values from checkbox field

Question asked by openspace on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by jsml

I have a field TagsFundraising containing a check box set (see below).


Fundraising Tags

top donor: anyone who's donated $500 or more in any given year or has given any amount for 5 years or more.

active donor: anyone who has donated in the last 4 years.

lapsed donor: anyone who has donated previous to the last 4 years.

prospect donor: anyone that has provided their contact info but has never donated.

business donor: any company donating in the company name.

member (active)

member (lapsed)


I would like to add these tags to a contact automatically using calculations from related records. How can I add and remove values to a contacts TagsFundraising field?


Example 1:

Joe has made one donation of $500 and has a lapsed membership.

Joe's TagsFundraising field would contain: top donor ¶ active donor ¶ member (lapsed)


Example 2:

Susy donated in 2002.

Susy's TagsFundraising field would contain: lapsed donor


Example 3:

Susy recently donated $5 in her company's name and bought a membership.

Susy's TagsFundraising field would contain: business donor ¶ member (active)