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Importing External Storage data into revised File

Question asked by JimBrear on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by JimBrear

I recently updated one of my clients to use server based external storage to attach source pdf documents to a client notes file.

The file has 170,000 notes with 21,000 attachments. I am using unsecured storage. These attachments were previously linked via references to a location on a mapped drive (with the problems that can cause).


Having made some changes to the master file (not the client working copy) I attempted to import the existing data from the clients file to the revised file. All the internal data in the file imported as normal, but container data did not, meaning the 20,000 attachments could not be accessed. Reverting to a backup of the original allowed work to continue but did not solve the problem. I had imagined that the references to the External Storage Location would import and then match themselves up again when the file was returned to the server.


I then added both files to the server and tried to import from a position where the file references would find a match wondering if that was causing the problem. Still no go. The container information would not import.


Does anyone have some ideas on how this might be achieved. It has dramatic implications of the ongoing maintenance and upgrading of files containing externally stored data.


Your comments will be gratefully received.