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Container Fields

Question asked by Jason_Farnsworth on Jan 28, 2015
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Container Fields,


Well I am having a morning I guess, as I seem to be looking over something that I am sure is a simple thing.


I am using FM13 along with Server 13


I have created a couple of container fields for storing pdf files. I receive as feedback from requests I have made and need to store them along with relevant info.


I have selected in the Inspector Tab "Interactive Content"

I have selected Permanent Storage w/ in the container setup

I have selected to store the data internal.


When right clicking on the container to add the pdf I have a grayed out pdf selection.


What am I missing? I was under the thought process that the pdf should display a full view of it (provided the size of the container field) and allow for interactive clicking.


Any help would be great and thank you in advance.


Jason Farnsworth

Odessa, Tx