Confusion running ODBC connected to a hosted remote fmp12 file

Discussion created by wintertj on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2017 by beverly

My fmp12 file is running on a shared hosted remote server. The provider added a DSN to a MySQL database for me. I added the DSN under manage external data sources. I then went to the manage database relationships tab, chose add ODBC data source, selected the DSN add have been able to add several ODBC tables to the relationship graph and work with them at will for a couple weeks.


Tonight I went to try to do an Execute SQL step, thinking the DSN would be an option, but it isn’t. The dialogue box says “Select one of the data sources that has been set up on YOUR MACHINE”. Which leads me to think perhaps the Execute SQL script step will only work with locally configured DSN’s perhaps?


The most confusing part is that when I went back to see how I had set it up in the relationship graph, the Add ODBC data source dialogue uses verbiage that only references the host machine data source, it says “Select one of the data sources that has been set up on the HOST MACHINE”


If running a hosted file, can ESS only work with the server’s DSNs and Execute SQL only work with the local DSNs maybe? My brain is nearing shut down mode, thanks in advance if anyone has run into this.