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    Bug report bug


      How to Report a Product Issue or Feature Request


      click the relevant link

      login attempt


      to  >> username /pw incorrect/disabled


      Is there a new link somewhere?


      I am already logged in; is this an pre site update issue?


      (apparent) Bug to report: popover size limited by container fields

      someone else posted a discussion on the is last year

      encountering the same issue

      Easily reporduced

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          I clicked the link to log in and it says my User ID or password is invalid.  The link was made in 2012 when the old TechNet was running.  I just assume that since we upgraded to Jive, the old link is wrong. 

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            There is the Filemaker forums and the Filemaker Community, each site requires their own login, so you will need an account on each.  The links above are on the Filemaker forums and uses the login information for that forum.