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    File path of Externally Stored Container


      Hey everyone!


      I have a question about obtaining a path of a container field that is stored externally. I want to create a container field that will have this path. I have seen a few references to the GetValue function, but it only seems to return the file name.

      Specifically, I want to run a script that will use the path in a script that will attach the file as an email attachment.





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          how about the GetLayoutObjectAttribute on your container field? "content" for graphics returns

          Image data such as the name of a file in a container field if the image is stored (in the field or externally), or the reference to the file if the image is unstored.

          Yes, your container field object must be named for use with GetLayoutObjectAttribute().


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            You are not supposed to touch the files directly like this.  FMI has warned about this a the last two devcons.

            We need to interact with the container data by manipulating the container field, not trying to reach the files directly where they are stored on the hard drive.


            One way of doing it is to use "export field contents" to export the container to the temp path and then use that as the attachment for your email.

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              Speaking from experience here I can not stress enough how correct wimdecorte is on this.  Do you touch the files directly.  In our case we had an admin that logged in to the server and accessed some files and it then picked up his rights to the file for some reason and FMS no longer had access to some of the files.  So it looked like files would just disappear for no reason from FM but you could see them on the server.


              Download them to a temp file and use them from there.

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                Thanks for the input!


                I am currently exporting the container field contents into the temp folder, than linking that file as an email attachment. So, I suppose I am doing it the correct way. No changed planned, then.