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    Find/Replace ¶ symbol with actual hard return


      Working with the latest Filemaker on a new Mac running Yosemite.


      I'm finally converting an ancient NOW Contact database (won't run on Yosemite!) of 600+ contacts into a new Filemaker database. I based it on the starter file for Contacts. I exported from NOW to Excel, and imported it as an .xlsx file. All the fields lined up and it looks great, except for one issue...


      In NOW, we relied on a large "Notes" section for adding notes about a client. Let's say it was something like this:


      wife: Ann

      two sons


      likes fishing


      In Excel, this looked like this:

      wife: Ann¶two sons¶¶likes fishing

      and this is also how it looks in the Notes field in my new Contacts Filemaker file.

      Now I can't figure out how to get the Find/Change function to change the ¶ symbol for an actual hard return. (I wasn't worried at first, because I'm familiar with find/change in Word, Quark, InDesign, etc. But I can't see where Filemaker makes find/change for "symbols" or "invisibles" easy?)

      I tried putting a hard return in the Notes section and trying to "copy" it, but I can't copy anything. I can find the ¶ and replace it with another symbol, so the Find part is working. But I can't get the Change to be a hard return. I've searched da google, but no one seemed to have the same exact question.


      Thanks. I don't want to have to do this manually for 600 records. 

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          Rather than using Find/Replace, you might consider using a combination of Replace Field Contents and the Substitute function. You'll want to make a backup copy of your file before doing this in case you mess it up the first time; there's no undo for Replace Field Contents.


          Show All Records.

          Enter the notes field.

          Select Replace Field Contents.

          Do a "Replace with calculated result" using this: Substitute ( note ; "\¶" ; ¶ )

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            Thank you! I tried variations on that after finding it in another answer, but could not figure it out!


            For anyone following later, the word "note" is plural (the name of the field is "notes"), so it's:

            Substitute ( notes ; "\¶" ; ¶ )

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              Previous action should really work:


              Go to your 'notes' field and make sure this field is active (and the cursor is inside...)


              Go for 'Records' in menubar, there you will find the submenu 'Show All Records', click this option

              Go for 'Records' in menubar, there you will find the submenu 'Replace Field Contents', click this option


              A popup window will appear and give you the opportunity to choose  'Replace with calculated result'. Choose that option...


              Now type:

              Substitute ( notes ; "\¶" ; ¶ )


              Click Replace...