Find/Replace ¶ symbol with actual hard return

Discussion created by crish on Jan 28, 2015
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Working with the latest Filemaker on a new Mac running Yosemite.


I'm finally converting an ancient NOW Contact database (won't run on Yosemite!) of 600+ contacts into a new Filemaker database. I based it on the starter file for Contacts. I exported from NOW to Excel, and imported it as an .xlsx file. All the fields lined up and it looks great, except for one issue...


In NOW, we relied on a large "Notes" section for adding notes about a client. Let's say it was something like this:


wife: Ann

two sons


likes fishing


In Excel, this looked like this:

wife: Ann¶two sons¶¶likes fishing

and this is also how it looks in the Notes field in my new Contacts Filemaker file.

Now I can't figure out how to get the Find/Change function to change the ¶ symbol for an actual hard return. (I wasn't worried at first, because I'm familiar with find/change in Word, Quark, InDesign, etc. But I can't see where Filemaker makes find/change for "symbols" or "invisibles" easy?)

I tried putting a hard return in the Notes section and trying to "copy" it, but I can't copy anything. I can find the ¶ and replace it with another symbol, so the Find part is working. But I can't get the Change to be a hard return. I've searched da google, but no one seemed to have the same exact question.


Thanks. I don't want to have to do this manually for 600 records.