Printing layout margin issue

Discussion created by filocat on Jan 29, 2015
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I have come across the following problem with a printing layout I created in fm13 pro advanced, which is hosted on a fm server. When I "Open PDF in Preview" or "Save as PDF" from my iMac or MBP the layout appears the way I designed it. When I open the same layout on some other iMacs (I have tested 2 so far), on the left side of the layout (in landscape) the text is partially "erased/hidden". I attached here a PDF with the 2 outcomes. Page 1 is the layout saved from my iMac, page 2 is from one of the other 2 iMacs.  I have created another layout with similar fields for printing in portrait mode. There, there is no problem with any texts disappearing on the left side, which makes me thinks that the 2 "other" iMacs have some bottom margin set by default!

What can I do to obtain the same result on every computer? (without having to "shrink" my fields to fit them within the "visible" area)


Thank you for your help.

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