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    Printing layout margin issue



      I have come across the following problem with a printing layout I created in fm13 pro advanced, which is hosted on a fm server. When I "Open PDF in Preview" or "Save as PDF" from my iMac or MBP the layout appears the way I designed it. When I open the same layout on some other iMacs (I have tested 2 so far), on the left side of the layout (in landscape) the text is partially "erased/hidden". I attached here a PDF with the 2 outcomes. Page 1 is the layout saved from my iMac, page 2 is from one of the other 2 iMacs.  I have created another layout with similar fields for printing in portrait mode. There, there is no problem with any texts disappearing on the left side, which makes me thinks that the 2 "other" iMacs have some bottom margin set by default!

      What can I do to obtain the same result on every computer? (without having to "shrink" my fields to fit them within the "visible" area)


      Thank you for your help.

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          You can visibly see in your example that the margins are different.


          Print Setup is a script step that you can use to control some settings:



          Under Layouts > Layout Setup > Printing tab, have you configured static margin settings there?

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            Hi All,


            I am experiencing the identical problem. I developed my print layout in FMPA and it is currently in v14 with all updates. My client accesses it, as I do, from my server also latest version of 14. The only difference is that she is using FMP not FMPA, and she is in a different location, presumably with different printer configurations in her print dialog. We are both on Macs She prints to PDF using the same scripted button with Page Setup and Preview (Pause), Continue to Print scripted button that I do. She ends up with a whited out strip down the left side throughout the 14 pages. This has been happening since last year. She prints this layout once a year, and since when I do it, there is no problem, and I cannot replicate her problem, I have just sent her the PDF my system generates, but this is clearly not a long term solution.


            While in pause and preview, I have tried to print to pdf, save to pdf, all the different ways available, with no ability to replicate what she comes up with. Yet she sent my the file and it definitely has the missing area on the left.


            Please let me know if any of you have similar problems or any possible avenues to explore a solution.


            Thank you,



            PS. I added the PDFs. If you look down the left side you can see letters of the names cut off on the Photo Pages 2.10.2016.pdf which is my client's and then not cut off on mine Current Photo Pages.pdf.