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Web Direct format inconsistencies

Question asked by maestrodevelopment on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by coherentkris

I just loaded a solution to FMS.  With FileMaker Pro it looks and behaves just fine.  But Web Direct is a whole other matter.  There are a lot of FORMAT issues. E.g. #1. My layouts all have tab panels and are all a certain color (grey: 221/221/221).  On them are some labels some of which are filled with the same grey.  In Webdirect the tab panel comes out very dark while the labels are the proper grey.  So this looks bad.  E.g. #2 - I have some labels in 12 arial, bold centered (horizontal) and a field with exactly the same format.  But on Webdirect, the label shows centered but the field renders at the top (not centered) and it looks way out of alignment.  There a number of other things that make the solution quite inconsistent from a look and feel perspective.  Is this normal to get such a poor rendition?