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How to prevent a container field from being overwritten?

Question asked by noelmorris on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by noelmorris

Hi, I have a FMP12 database using a container field to store a variety of files (jpeg, png, giff, pdf, doc etc) (Family history related). It is too easy to drag and drop another file on an existing one, and overwrite the original file. How can I protect the original file yet still allow the occasional modification?


I am thinking that when a new file is added (drag & drop or menu-entered) that a pop-up window would ask "Do you want to overwrite this file?" with options "Yes - No - Make new record"


The methods that I have tried all require setting permissions too permanently.


There is no password required, and only on desktop Mac.


Does anyone have a simple solution to this problem?


Thanks in advance,