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    Please: More clarity in this community


      My two cents:


      It would be great, if again


      • I could easily subscribe to new topics only (I do not want to read everything that everybody has added to every topic)
      • I could filter my subscriptions by language
      • there was an FDS section (see Re: no login required)


      Currently, I log on, go to the Discussions page, go to Contents, switch to table view and Sort by Creation Date - and open those messages that are new and interesting to me until I come across a topic that I think I read the day before. Quite laborious.


      Dear FileMaker, dear Matthew O'Dell:


      If I would create FileMaker solutions the way like you set up this forum (i.e. not very easy to use), I would not sell too many solutions.


      I don't mind the more "communicative" way of such a community, but I see already great contributors leaving (who helped us all in the past in amazing ways).



      Michael Jupe

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          I second M Jupe comment

          I can't  renew my FDS because there is no link to renew.    My subscription has expired, so there is not a link to renew.

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            Markus Schneider


            in general, this forums are somewhat 'slow' and it's not easy to concentrate on individual important stuff

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              Hi Michael,


              We are currently working on some of the European language posts. The decision was made to push those users towards third party forums that had a larger community, but as you're seeing, some people are just using the english forum to post. We're working on how to make this easier for users to see, so hopefully this won't be an issue for much longer.


              As for only seeing new posts, I've been told that the RSS feeds will only show the first post/creation of a thread, so that might be another option for only seeing what's new and not replies.


              Lastly, I'd be curious who you feel are some of the people we've lost. If you wouldn't mind sending me their names in a private message, I'd love to reach out to them to hear their concerns.


              Thanks for the feedback.

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                Hi Stacy,


                We're working on the emails for renewals right now. Luckily for FDS, if you just go and purchase a new FDS membership, it's the same as a renewal. Just be sure to use the same email address as your Community account.

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                  Hi Markus,


                  We are working with our provider on the speed issues. We've heard it from a few different places, and it's even worse across the pond.  Thanks for the information

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                    Markus Schneider

                    YEsterday (sunday), it was not really fast... but today, it's really unusable. more than 5 seconds until a page is built, every 'back' swipe on iOS takes way too much time. I'm on a WLAN here - other sites are quite well (same time of today)


                    IN combination with the fact that postings are not very easy to find (the categories in forums.film... are more clear - where to post/find specific FMGo stuff?)


                    THe iOS implementation lacks big interface elements, etc. Maybe one notices the double-caps-letter on the beginning of a word.. maybe that's also because of iOS implemention and/or the speed - yesterday, I deleted those caps letters - today, I'm too lazy..



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                      Hi Matt,


                      I have been finding the site to be very slow.  As an example,  putting the mouse on your number takes several seconds to open the frame and another 10 seconds or so to get it to fill in the information.    Doing it again,  doesn't really seem to benefit from cached data,  although there is some speed improvement.


                      Clicking on you will take 5 seconds or so to open the screen.


                      I have noticed that the amount of e-mail I get a day has gone up dramatically since the new site started.  In part this maybe because I'm looking at all discussions.  It has been a while,  but I think on the old site I was subscribed to some of the main topics and not all and only those in English.  I find that I am now getting everything and in multiple languages.


                      I haven't found an easy way to select specific groups.

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                        Hey Bruce, we're definitely monitoring performance. As you probably know yourself, dealing with performance issues and rarely a "oops, flip that checkbox" kind of situation. We're trying our best to find where the bottlenecks are to try and improve things.