Please: More clarity in this community

Discussion created by Polarpro on Jan 30, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by matthew_odell

My two cents:


It would be great, if again


  • I could easily subscribe to new topics only (I do not want to read everything that everybody has added to every topic)
  • I could filter my subscriptions by language
  • there was an FDS section (see Re: no login required)


Currently, I log on, go to the Discussions page, go to Contents, switch to table view and Sort by Creation Date - and open those messages that are new and interesting to me until I come across a topic that I think I read the day before. Quite laborious.


Dear FileMaker, dear Matthew O'Dell:


If I would create FileMaker solutions the way like you set up this forum (i.e. not very easy to use), I would not sell too many solutions.


I don't mind the more "communicative" way of such a community, but I see already great contributors leaving (who helped us all in the past in amazing ways).



Michael Jupe