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    External camera for container images in FMGo


      Any experience ideas on using and external camera for images directly into containers.


      The camera has an iOS SDK and image capture can be initiated via iOS and the image stored to the device.

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          Are you referring to the iOS device camera itself? Or to a tethered external camera?


          Control of the former is already built into filemaker Go's container capturing action menu (and "insert from device" script step).


          As for a tethered camera; it would be possible to write an iOS app that passed that data back in an FMP URL as Base64Encoded text for filemaker to insert. As far as native integration (EG in the filemaker action menu for a container or the insert from device script step), you'd need filemaker to add it as a feature.

          The "round-trip" method of passing back data to filemaker to allow other apps to perform actions not available in FMGo has been around a few years now. If you're interested in looking into it further I might be able to help out.