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Confused about opening DB from my Mac Server

Question asked by crish on Jan 31, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2015 by crish

I have a Filemaker Contact database (that I just converted from NOW Contacts), and work throughout the week in two places: my office and my art studio at weekends (where I keep my laptop). They are connected via wifi in the same house. We have a Mac Server where myself and my husband keep our shared photographs and stock footage.


In the past, with NOW Contacts, I would keep my Contact database on the server, and just remember to Close it when I was done getting some info or adding to it (the second computer would complain that it was "already open"). So I could add to or edit it from whatever computer I was currently working at.


I also kept a local copy on each computer for "read only" use (I didn't edit or add to it), as it was faster than spinning up the server just to get a phone number etc.


I'm confused about why how to set up the FM database. I was hoping I could put it on the server and even have both my Mac and laptop looking at the file at the same time and keep the files open all the time. But when I put the DB on the server, and opened it from my Mac, I get a warning that I should open it from the computer where the file resides (not possible) and then open it in "remote" mode. But since whatever machine I'm not using will be in Sleep mode, I really need to put it on the server or I will have to run back and forth waking up the other Mac!


Is there a danger with putting it on the Server?

And if not, can I turn off the warning that I get every time I open the file?!


I don't understand why I can open any other file format with other programs and not get warnings like this. Thanks.