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Help with Magic Value Lists

Question asked by binu.alexander on Feb 1, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2015 by Benjamin Fehr

I am using the method to make conditional value list as shown at the link below


Anyone with experience with this ?


I need some help with this .


In my current situation  I have


a)contacts table : with  fields for country , state and district


b)districts list:  with fields  country, state and district


c)contacts layout where i have made the drop down menus for country, state and district as  suggested in the demo. The value lists are filtering properly that is fine.




When I select a country , state and district  that SELECTIONS  remain the same for ALL my contact records  .  I need the selections to be stored  in each record in  fields for country , state and district  in the contacts table . I am not sure where my data entry is going.




Please let me know how I can change  this .