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    Looking for my serial numbers


      Hi...  like many I've been groping around with the new system, and frankly, not finding it to be that great...but maybe I'm just being a stick-in-the-mud. 


      My immediate question is:  Where are t my serial numbers? ...i.e. for my development versions of FMP and FMPA and FMS if I'm current with TechNet?    Since I'm not current with TechNet (taking a breather between a couple projects).... I don't believe I have the "access your benefits" link that the register members have. 


      Personally, I liked the previous setup with Dev forums open to all, which kept the discussions at a technical level..i.e. people posted non-dev questions elsewhere.  


      Best wishes


      ---- Larry 

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          Hey Larry,


          I just looked up your record, and it appears that your FDS subscription ended in November 2014. If you would like access to these serial numbers and such, you will need to purchase FDS from our online store. To make sure it lines up with your current Community account, be sure to use the same email address when you purchase.


          Also, I definitely understand your concern about wanting to only see developer type discussions. We've done a lot of research on the types of discussions happening in both forums.filemaker.com and here in the community, and the type of content seen in both is very similar. By opening it up, we might get a few more questions here and there about installations, but we feel the vast majority of content will still be what you're used to seeing.


          Thanks for the feedback, good luck with the community,